what would happen if internet was not there

@somiran (189)
April 25, 2008 8:53am CST
hey tell me friend how would you suffer if there was no internet??
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@Kecia08 (554)
• United States
25 Apr 08
I would suffer VERY bad!! My online business would disappear, and I would no longer be able to take the online courses I am currently enrolled in. People wouldn't have the opportunity to have the world at their fingertips like they do now when they sit down at a computer. To think of a world without Internet...it's a scary, scary thing, especially now that we have grown so accustomed to it!
• United States
25 Apr 08
Ohmy goodness!! If there were no internet i would suffer oh so so bad!! I mean there is just so much online that i have learned. And a lot of things that are on the computer are not in books. The internet is so so much faster at getting and processing information. The internet can accumulate things way faster than someone trying to compose of a book with the same information in it. For instance i pay bills online. Its much quicker to do than trying to actually go to the location. Especially with how gas prices are now. I would die. I stay connected with friends that are away in college and who live out of state. I mean i would be totally lost. Great question!
@drumbum04 (172)
• Philippines
25 Apr 08
I would not say that we would suffer if this advancement in technology was not invented. We can go on with our lives without the internet. We could use books for our research instead of surfing the net for information. We can make use of the snail mail instead of the e-mail. The internet does make our life easier but there are still substitutes for the features of the internet.
@vera0571 (166)
• China
25 Apr 08
i want to know if there is no internet,what would the whole world be yet. maybe i just don't know there is a 'you' in the other side of the wworld. haha,just kidding! but internet really change the world a lot,and of course change my life a lot. if no internet,maybe i am staying in my bed,reading a book or calling to a friend now.haha
@Sir_bobby88 (8242)
• Singapore
25 Apr 08
Prehaps we would think that this world is so peaceful yea whereas it is not . i believe information won't transmit so fast without internet yea .