This weather is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!! How is the weather where you are?

United States
May 5, 2008 7:00am CST
I know I should not complain but this is what makes people sick. It is like between 70-80 degrees during the day. Hot enough for the air conditioner. Then at night it is like 35-45 degrees and you really need a heater to keep from freezing and getting sick. So, how is the weather where you are?
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@ameeluv (388)
• Saint Lucia
14 May 08
its very sunny.. well i am in the caribbean anyways... ccant get any hottterrrr...... but its lovely though.. very brighttt... and a bit cool.. at least its not that humid.. soo i need to be thankful for that.. im going to the beach later tooo
@lovenluck (1068)
• India
5 May 08
are you talking in Celsius or Fahrenheit If it's in Celsius then I tell you i won't be able to survive a day out there and if the weather you are talking is in farenheit then what about this It's 99-105 degree farnheit at my place and humidity is around 70-80 ,so it's extremely hot and sticky weather out here and I hate it just wish i was back to my hometown miss those hilly cool weather
@shamsta19 (3225)
• United States
5 May 08
You know the weather here is beautiful! Been about the same in the day here but the nights are nice enough fort shirts and still has a nice breeze. Loving the weather it's everything else that sux here!
5 May 08
Well you dont say where in the world you are from.But im here in the UK and today is a lovley day,its quite hot,which makes a real change,the sun is shing ,the washings on the line,the gardens been done and it makes the world feel great.As you may well know here in the UK we dont have a lot of good weather,we seem to have many months when we never see any sun,so for us its special when we see it.But im not too sure that I would lie it to be hot all of the time ,as it is with you,maybe it would be a bit punishing really,I would imagine the heat would tire you out,and if as you say you are that hot in the day then at night when the temperature drops you feel the cold.Theres nothing that I like better than on a cold winters night to snuggle up in my warm bed,with my hot water bottle,to me that is heaven.
• Indonesia
5 May 08
Oh,,,here is hot in the day, and hot in the night. We use air conditioner almost everytime. Even when raining, the air is still hot. Many people got flu because of this. Me myself got a flu since 3 days ago.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
5 May 08
well our weather has been sorta like that, but not quite that hot during the day. we have been reaching highs of high 60s or so and during the night, it drops down to low 40's or even high 30's! ah the joys of spring!!