Does anyone else think Simon is hot???

@devil77 (143)
May 7, 2008 9:27am CST
I dont know what it is, but there something about Simon that is so sexy. Am I crazy or does anyone else think he's hot ???
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• United States
7 May 08
Yeah I think he is sexy and it's not only because of his looks. It's because of his agressive attitude and the way he tells the truth. I just find him so hot. Even though he's decades older than me but oh wells I'll keep dreaming. ^_^
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@carolscash (9500)
• United States
13 May 08
Simon is a great looking man and I like his attitude on the show. I believe that he is very well spoken and I believe that he is very open with the contestants. He is sexy because of who he is.
• United States
10 May 08
Absolutely without a doubt I think he is. From his sexy smile to his all out attitude. I love to watch his expressions
• United States
8 May 08
I don't know if I would call him "hot", but I think he's pretty handsome. And, I hear he's in very great shape. I, personally, don't like the way he behaves on American Idol, though I hear that he's actually a really nice guy off the show. Come to think about it, I rarely hear anything about his behavior when he's off the show and everything I have heard has been positive.