What's the most strongest character in ragnarok??

May 8, 2008 2:39am CST
I have a priest character which is level 65. I'm already satisfied of having a priest character but i just want to build one strong character. Can you suggest one? Tnx..
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• United States
30 Jul 08
I think the strongest class in Ragnarok Online is Sniper. My Sniper is lvl 99/70 I owned woe and pvp, I have decent Gear like Artemis,Celeb ring, etc. I think sniper can owned any class maybe except Clown Spam Arrow Vulcan or something really hurts .
@Badams (89)
• Canada
18 May 08
STR Swordsman / Crusaders are probably the strongest because of their brute force attacks. They are often called the "tanks" in a party simply because of their strength.
• Indonesia
25 Oct 09
If you ask me,the strongest characters is CHAMPION !! Why ? they have pneuma to make them cant hit by long range attacks such as sniper or high wizard,when you use pneuma,use "body relocation" to make u snap near your enemy,and then,bang !! Finish it (sniper and high wizard have poor defense). So,if you fight againts crusader,lord knight,and other characters which have "good defense" ,you can use "infiltration",which inflict great damage,depend the defense of your enemy,the higher defense your enemy have,the higher damage the will receive. so,when you fight againts stalker or assassin cross,you can use "ruwach" to reveal them and then use combination of "stop blade + ashura strike". So,what do you think ? Its the strongest ragnarok online characters.
• Malaysia
15 Sep 09
assassin cross is the best one but u must have a good gear on it... different server have different gear... lord knight also the strongest one
@melvztab (124)
• Philippines
28 Nov 08
Paladin Agi Sacri build. But its really hard to level it up at low rates server. At high Rates Server Where its HP can raised up to more than 1m. It is very powerfull.
@dbzfan (253)
• India
23 Jul 08
Well if u r Asking Which is the Strongest Character in Hunting. It can Only and Only be Sniper High Flee and High Hit Rate. And Elementals Arrow and Traps to Support Him. If u r Asking About Pvp. It Depends on Equips and Game Play. I Don,t Wanna Brag That this is the Strongest or That is the Strongest Character in Pvp.
• Philippines
19 Jul 08
well assasin cross is imba because... you can do soul destroyer.. and do sonic blow too and for me thats imbalanced
@mytho1 (65)
18 Jul 08
I would advice either Creator/Biochemist or Assassin Cross
15 Jun 08
Snipers are actually overpowered to the extreme with arrow repel , double strafe and ghostring armour your basically invisible don't think i'm right ask me a classe you think that can be killed by it
• United States
1 Jun 08
Assassin Cross are a good class Champion if u know how to be very skillful(that mean dont asura 24/7) and Stalker turn Pvp/Woe to a Strip Club if u have high dex then ur enemies
29 May 08
I think assassin cross it has many advantages speed,strong attacks(sonic blow type enchant with deadly poison),range attacks also(Soul destroyer/breaker). You can pawn in pvp,one on one with mvp and a Breaker of emperium when there is a guild war. But it depend how you play well if you're already a veteran in Ragnarok online you can play any job and pawn but if you want your character the most strongest well you should have a good equipment(MVP cards,+9 equips)
• United States
26 May 08
assassin crosses are not to be messed with high wizards are best at soloing mvps. lord knights and crusaders are vicious in pvp. alchemists though can destroy them easily. it all depends on the situation
@danzer (2727)
• Philippines
8 May 08
According to my son, the strongest is "Assassin Cross" level 70. He is strongest because apart from his physical power, he is also quick and agile. Next in line, according to him is Crusader. I don't play ragnarok but I know it's one of the games online out there. Happy playing!