Update: Tribble's Life In The Real World

United States
May 8, 2008 4:25pm CST
I just got myself a new job today. It's with a secondary contractor; very similar to what I've done before at home. I'll be a Customer Service person, answering call and dispatching out contractors to fix problems at retail stores. This place does everything - lights, air, roofing, carpentry, locks, floors, you name it, they do it. The big difference in this place versus the last place is that I'll be working day hours in an office not far from me. They offer full medical benefits, dental, 401K, Aflack, Cancer Care, and NY Life Insurance. On top of it, they'll be paying me $5 more an hour, buying us lunch once a week, and fully training us (while being paid). All of a sudden, I've got extra experience that I can put to work immediaitely. I've got a leg up on everyone there - I've done it before, in much harder circumstances. I worked overnights - when finding a contractor was the hardest. (You try talking a sleepy repairman into driving 75 miles in the rain to fix a broken door!) Not only that - they pay their contractors in a timely fashion. They also followup with the store to get more work. So things are looking up - at least for me for next week. The downside? Right on schedule, my husband's van broke down on the highway. He was ticketed for having no insurance, and the van is parked on the side of the highway. There's no way that he can drive it to work. Top that off, he was supposed to have an interview with Cable today, and he had to put it off. On top of that - if he can't get to his current job, he'll lose it. I haven't tried working for ChaCha; their pay is too low for the time involved, not to mention the training being upaid and long. The rent is still due; but no Sheriff notices, so I think we're okay. So things are better, and worse. Hmph! I know you'd like to know, so there it is. Thank you for all your help. :)
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