what is ur opinion on internet for advantages & disadvantages?

May 14, 2008 7:26am CST
so as tech. internt playing a very vital role in our life but for each thing there is adv.and disadv.? by considering all.
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@dragxgt (119)
• Philippines
15 May 08
USers of the internet must be aware of what they are doing. It really depands on how they will use the internet
• Malaysia
14 May 08
everything has its pros n cons.the thing same goes for internet.actually internet are giving a lot of benefits to human population.nowadays you can access any information in the world at the tip of your fingers.it is easier than searching through many books to get the same information that is needed. besides by using internet you can do some basic routine of life.you can read newspaper online without the conventional method of buying newspaper first.other than that nowdays life is easier with services such as online banking provided to consumers.i can transfer and check money without lining up very long hours in the bank.i can also do online shopping without the hassle of going out and finding parking which just waste time. i book my flight ticket through online and register courses for my university through online too.i can make new friends and chat with them during my free time.i can also play online games which relieves stress.well internet plays a vital role in my life.i do not know what i will do without internet in a day. of course there are many disadvantages as well especiall when internet is used for bad purposes.mostly a lot of people scam and cheat each other through internet.so just hope internet will be used for its many benefits.
@redneon (24)
• Vietnam
14 May 08
Hi Kishor ! I think the internet has both adv. and dis. It can help you easy to make friends around the world just sitting before ur computer,like mylot :D In business:e-commerce,making money online,online meeting can save lots of money,etc.In edu:online learning,less teachers need to be hired,cheaper fees with no expense in traveling,etc. However, it can make you lose your face to face interaction between people.Cost ur money: internet fees,electricity,repair computer,virus,etc.And I think the internet good for adult but not children,especially when they access the internet by themselves.It may lead them to adult content and can damage children's development
• India
14 May 08
hi kishore the fact has to be agreed that each thing has got its positivity and negativity. if you want to use any thing then you should consider both positivity to obtain profits and negativity to be cautious so that nothing goes wrong. so i thing internet is the best way to know the world better and also to know its worst part what do you say
• India
14 May 08
There are no disadvantages as far as I'm concerned. What people would like to extract from the internet depends on their personal interest. What's good for one might be good for the next person. Similarly what seems like an advantageous to one might seem advantageous to others. I like everything on the internet. Its just that I do not find a use in some of the stuff that is there. bourne