do you ever get serious on any song??!!

May 19, 2008 12:42pm CST
[b][u]yes i get serious on some songs of the linkin park like somewhere i belong.... and dont stay.... i got te damn serious about this song when i kistened this song cause that time i felt that these songs are somewhere related to my life dont know why but i felt same
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• Pakistan
21 May 08
i do but only i listen to Patriotic songs, like national anthems, and national songs...only for country... no other love or romantic sings i just hate them....
• India
20 May 08
Numb was one song that change my attitude towards life.. So it got serious as I mention it.. Other songs that I get serious to are 'In The End', ' From The Inside' and others.. I really like Linkin Park cos they were the first rock band i listened to and they kinda influenced my life in a very deep way.. bourne
• India
20 May 08
yeah sum songs really touch and the lyrics are so related to real life and situations.....the song 'What i've Done ' and many more are really good ones !!!! LINKIN PARK ROX !!!!!!!!
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
20 May 08
Remember what the saying says, about music being the universal language, this is so true. This is because music tends to talk to us through our emotions or what they meant to us. :) There are phases in our lives when we can relate to a Linkin Park song, and somewhere I belong and in the end are the two songs closest to my heart. :)
@boloroo (120)
• Mongolia
20 May 08
YEah.. Some song is singing about human's life. But lot of songs are singing about dream life. That song is related to ur life... So.....
@dragon54u (31632)
• United States
19 May 08
That's why bands are successful, because they touch some part of our lives and make us feel as if they're singing about our situation. Songs like this allow us to express ourselves as we sing along, or feel as if we're not alone in our emotions. "What I've Done" really touches me, because I've made a lot of painful mistakes in my life.