How do you feel about xenophobia??

@mamuzo (225)
South Africa
May 20, 2008 9:16am CST
For all those who do not know ... xenophobia is criminal act(s) against foreigners in your country. I asked because . . . well I am a South African and I am disgusted by the actions of my fellow South Africans towards foreigners in this country. The past two weeks they have killed them, destroyed and burnt their houses. They claim that foreigners take their jobs and they want to take over their country ... how stupid is that?? I don't know about you people but disappointed to think how far we come from as a country. Please share your views, I would like to hear what the mylotters think about this situation. . .
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• India
20 May 08
How stupid is that.. Well that proves it.. if foreigners are getting the jobs, then ur fellow mates should surely be stupid..Cmon... there's a limit to doing things.. just because others are getting their jobs means that they are not fit enough to do this or are not trustworthy. It is completely ridiculous. Did you try explaining to them about the situation.. Try talking to them and make them feel more responsible and mature.. Well, In India, we do not hear about such stuff, but now and then there are cases of incidents like these.. bourne
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@mamuzo (225)
• South Africa
21 May 08
i wish it was as easy as just explaining to them about this situation. It has gotten out of hand and it's spreading across the country. My take on this obviously is that they are no reasoning at all, they are venting their frustrations yes but have they considered trying to find solutions to their problems before killing innocent lives???? Take the job issue for instance ... Some foreigners are very much business minded and they come to SA and create more jobs for everyone who needs one, some come to SA and they appreciate anything to help them make some kind of living and they are even willing to do jobs that some South Africans do not want to do - garage/fuel station attendants, car parking attendance, road cleaners, and flee marketers. If only they can realize that killing and chasing these poor souls out of our country is not the solution to their petty problems!!!
24 May 08
I have visited South Africa, and although many Afrikaners snubbed the idea of speaking English to me I didn't find too much hassle. The main problem I found where between South Africans themselves, of course white and black. I think it's stupid for all of this trouble to come from people being 'different' whether it's skin colour, language or culture that differs...
@mamuzo (225)
• South Africa
27 May 08
Hi there, I'm sorry i have been offline for the past 3 days! Thank you for your comment. It is a sad thing that South Africa is going through right now. I so much believe that we are past the "black and white" issues and that we are civil and good to each other despite the pigments of our skins and now xenophobia kicks in. These people are our brothers and sisters and we are treating them like animals! Why???? Yes, a lot of South Africans have something to be angry and frustrated about. Yes, there is lack of employment, lack of good housing and the inflation rate is not helping the situation. People are frustrated and they are venting their frustrations, but to who and how is the question. Foreigners have not taken jobs from no one, they have not taken anyone's house, they are just here to struggle with us and earn a living one way or another.
• South Korea
29 May 08
its like that all over the world. im in south korea, and even though there are american bases here, the people are very negative about foreigners. its not as bad as how you said its like in south africa, but its still not acceptable.