can consumer power drive down fuel prices.

New Zealand
May 21, 2008 6:31pm CST
I believe that the power of the internet could be used to drive down the fuel prices. We all have 2 friends who have 2 friends etc. What if we could organise a group of people who could take action against prices in various ways. What comes to mind as an example is a 1 week boycott against one of the biggies, say shell, to show our power. That would be followed by a permanent boycott of a large company which, due to lack of sales, would force them to lower their price with others following. This action could continue indefinately until prices were more acceptable. We would need to sign up people to the cause on a large scale but by advertising sign up forms in all the media we have access to we could potentially have millions of people worldwide taking action. I believe with good support we, the consumer, can do this. What do you think?
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