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@anujain75 (1059)
May 22, 2008 12:32pm CST
Which is your favourite sporting star?I mean to say who is your favourite sport person.He can be from any sport like cricket,football,baseball etc Which is the best star in mylot and what is your star rating? Why stars disappear from sky during daytime?
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@sun2day (1063)
• Virgin Islands (U.S.)
2 Jun 08
My star on my is a 10. I dont watch the atletes closely enough to tell you. I would not be able to tell you which star disaapear at day time from the sky either.
@snakequeen (1300)
• India
22 May 08
My favorite sporting star is Kapil Dev who helped India attain pinnacle of glory by winning the Prudential World Cup in 1983 at Lords, by using just medium pacers, when the West Indies and other teams had fiery fast bowlers! Best Star,as you know, is 10 in MYlot. Stars never disappear, it is still there. Because of Sun and Earth effect,they are not visible, during day time!
• India
22 May 08
Wow.. thats a bundle of questions.. Lets deal with it one at a time.. My fav star is Kobe Bryant. He used to play basketball for the LA Lakers team. I love his energetic game and the way he used to coordinate with his team mates. The best star in myLot is the 10, which you can get by making excellent posts, which others like.. Stars disappear at night because Only half of the Earth is in darkness at a given time. The other half, they do not disappear, but they are always there. It's just that the light from our nearest Star, The Sun, dims the lights off from those stars and we can't see them, although they are there.. bourne