What are your best tips for staying organized as a self employed professional?

United States
May 26, 2008 11:56pm CST
I'm self employed -- and when you are you really have to stay on top of everything! lol What are some of your favorite organizational tips? Here are some of my favorites: Cinnamon Software's Talking Alarm Clock -- this is FREE downloadable software for your PC that reminds you when to do things. Very cool and fun. My to-do list. I make one every night and prioritize it. Live by the list -- die by the list. The 4 Hour Workweek. Very interesting book. I have to say I don't agree with EVERYTHING it says, but there are some excellent points. Have you read it yet? What about you? What are some of your favorite organizational tips for being self-employed? :)
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9 Jun 08
Personaly I would perfer a LLC because with a coporation you have no personal liabilities with any money or assests in the coporations name.
@Fishmomma (11349)
• United States
27 May 08
I do have the to do list; however, I write on it each day, as there are times that it must be changed quickly. A business owner must be flexible willing to hire somebody when it would really help their business. I set goals for my business realizing that if I want it done right, then I must put in the time and do it. Yes, I do hire people for certain tasks like taxes. Its important to know what your best at yourself and hire somebody in your weaker areas. Sorry I haven't read the book, but will try to get it. It sure has an interesting title, but I never judge a book by its title.
@greenline (14847)
• Canada
27 May 08
I do work internationally and I have to meet the commitments under the Contracts signed. So, I have to have my work plans well laid out and organized. The way I do is to have a business plan outlining all the steps and the actions I have to take to be in line with the requirementsa of the Contracts.
• Philippines
27 May 08
my mom's self-employed and her clinic is at home, it's hard for her to handle all of the things she does so.. she gets an assistant. the annoying part is when she gets so stressed with her work she ends up bugging me all the time!