Back problems?

United States
May 28, 2008 11:16pm CST
My dad has had back problems for 30 years. His lower spine is fused together. This past december he had to have his neck fused-6 discs. Now he is in the hospital again. The doctors arent sure what is wrong. One doctor suggested cancer, another doctor said its like termites are eating away at his spine. I can tell you he is in alot of pain. The doctors suggested fusing more of his spine. If they arent sure what is going on how will that help? Watching him suffer is horrific in itself. What would you do? Anyone know what this is or what can help?
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@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
29 May 08
My mom has back problems and she has had a couple of surgeries for it. They had to fuse some of her spine also. My mom had something wrong with her disks or something like that. the doctor also told her that she has osteoperosis, That causes the bones to deteriorate. I'm sorry your dad is suffering. My mom also has alot of paid after her surgery and she is on alot of pain medication for it. I weish I could help, but I have no clue either what to do for them.
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• United States
1 Jun 08
They havent said my dad has cancer but they arent ruling it out either. This week they did a test where they took his blood and took out the white blood cells and mixed it with radiation. It is supposed to find an infection if that is what he has. They have been feeding him antibotics but none has helped. He goes in for surgery wed. How can they do surgery if they dont know what is wrong? Doctors suck. And they said he will be in pain and be bed ridden for weeks afterwards. And again it may or may not help. They said my dad has arthitis so that is hinder. I'm sorry your mom is in pain. It is hard to watch a loved one suffer. The medication my dad is on its lucky he is awake most times. Hugs sweet lady. I wish I knew what to do too.
@karagala (447)
• Philippines
26 Jul 08
You should look for doctors specializing in these areas like those in Orthopedics or Physiatrist. If his bones look like they were eaten by termites, he must have weak bones and thus need calcium. Milk has lots of Calcium but there is another plant here in the Philippines, the Moringga (or locally called Malunggay), which they say when sun dried, contains a lot more amount of calcium than milk. But if it truly is cancer, then all you could do as for now is to cure the pain but not really cancer.