Does anyone miss the "good ole days"?

@Pindy3 (10)
United States
May 31, 2008 10:37pm CST
I miss the days of my childhood and how simple things seemed. I am only fifty years old and here I am talking about the "old days". I work with fairly young people and they are so computer oriented and text message so quickly. It would take me and hour to text a sentence! I remember the old black and white t.v. that had to warm up and was so excited when we bought the new portable color t.v. that weighed about 300 lbs.! But it had a handle and was portable so they said. Party lines, they were fun, as long as mom didn't catch you. T.v. dinners, what a treat.
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@mentalward (14695)
• United States
1 Jun 08
Oh, man! Yes!! I miss them so much! When we were young, days seemed longer. You didn't have to lock your car or even your house at night. Summers were forever. There weren't nearly as many deadly diseases you had to worry about. And the party lines. I remember them well. Everything on TV was black and white, but a lot of it made you laugh yourself silly. Mom was home baking something, dad was at work. Life had an order about it and you knew where you stood. These days, it's all topsy-turvy. I don't understand most electronics. (My son programmed my VCR. LOL) You have to be careful everywhere you go; lock your doors; protect yourself from mosquitoes and STDs. The world is going mad and it's taking all of us with it! I do hope things quiet down some, but I don't see it happening in our lifetime. Makes me very sad. Good post!
@snowy22315 (78457)
• United States
2 Jun 08
I'm the same age. Life was so much simpler back when we were young. The world was alot less lonesome and life was simpler and sweeter. I enjoy alot of the technolgy of today,but I cant help but think it seems like we were happier when we didn't have it.
@celticeagle (123573)
• Boise, Idaho
2 Jun 08
Oh heck yes. Those young kids are probably not very mannerly and a bit disrespectful. I don't miss alot of the things from back then but I do rememnous about them alot. Family dinners at grndma's, the slow rythym of the world in the 50's. Respect, consideration,manners! Yes, and tv dinners and the tv stands. Party lines, funny now in old movies. But, such is life. Change. (sigh)