Baby is crying

June 9, 2008 8:09pm CST
How do you stop a baby from crying? Or never mind? By showing flowers and start playing? Or by singing, or...
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@Gemmygirl1 (2868)
• Australia
10 Jun 08
It depends on the age. If you're talking about a newborn, then chances are it's gas/wind, hunger or wetness - little, little babies only cry when they want or need something. You should make sure everything is covered & that they're not too hot or cold. If the baby is a little older then there's always teething, still the chance of an upset belly, whether it be wind or constipation. I don't think flowers are going to help the situation, if they're sore or not feeling well then playing & singing wont help the situation. Good luck but usually the very young babies need necessities & you just have to work out what the problem is so you can fix it!
• South Korea
10 Jun 08
That's right. If it's an infant, then you have to check the possible reason why the baby is crying. Such as diaper, hungry or something bites her. Other than that you may think that she has a little pain in her stomach. Ask someone who's older than you. But the best way too do is to be calm. Be patient to know the reason. And don't end up crying along with your baby.
@bellis716 (4804)
• United States
10 Jun 08
My children were small when gas was cheap. Since that is no longer true, the idea of taking him for a ride in the car is out. The first thing I would do to sooth a crying child is to gently rub or pat their back. If that didn't work, I'd try rocking them. I might try singing until my husband would suggest that I sing "Down Yonder" or "Far, Far, Away". The one thing that never failed to quiet my child and the grandchildren, too, was to walk the floor with them. There was a good possibility that they'd start crying again as soon as I put them down, but they were quiet as long as I walked. I had no trouble getting rid of my "baby fat". If you're not trying to get the little one to sleep,you might try this, Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent. Heels are close to buttocks. Lie or sit child on your stomach and bring your midsection up into bridge. Let the age of the child determine how much motion to use. A child that is sitting alone can be bounced. They think it's a great game, and Mama gets some exercise.
@rrdj71 (696)
• United States
10 Jun 08
Every baby is different I suppose. For example my first born just liked to be put in the crib I would wind up her mobile and she would look at it and hear it until she went to sleep. My second child however liked to be rocked and sung to at the same time.
@Rosekitty (19387)
• San Marcos, Texas
10 Jun 08
After i check to make sure its not hurt,hungry or tired I just cuddle it and whisper in their ear and sing soft lullabies while i'm stroaking their head,arms and legs with a slight caress to feel good to soothe them and 9 times out of 10 they go to sleep!