How Do You Know Its Love?

@mchavez11 (1406)
June 13, 2008 10:44pm CST
How do you know if he or she is the right one? or just an infatuation? How sure are you that what you feel is pure and true? When will it last? Do you think it will last a lifetime or is there an end to it? Do you know the difference about love, infatuation and lust. How will you distinguish these matters towards a person that you think you'll be ready to commit yourself with?
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@rinkub (231)
• India
14 Jun 08
Any relationship that is not a biological one is always a gamble. But, my faith tells me that if the person is the right one for you, s/he will stay right on but if s/he isn't the one, s/he'll move away. You too, have to be prudent about behaving in the right manner. Be careful, wise and patient. And also pray. God will show you the way. Tread carefully. Love , lust, infatuation are immaterial to be diagnosed. Just enjoy the relationship and let it flow naturally. But please, please don't take any hasty decisions that you'll regret later on. Wait and watch and let the other person make all the moves. If you believe in God and ask for his support, God will guide you correctly. But again, be careful so that you do not get hurt in the process.
• India
14 Jun 08
You will know its love when you least worry about them. If its infatuation you will always worry about what they are doing, with whom they are talking, what they are talking. If it's love, you would trust them completely and make sure that they are given their space. I have seen a lot of people just attracted and doing these things. You wouldn't question the person about what the are doing because in love, you trust. But if you are just infatuated, then you always worry about losing them and keep tabs on them all the time. Which sucks by the way. Well, that's what I think.. bourne
@Hatley (164169)
• Garden Grove, California
14 Jun 08
you will know because this person will be on your mind from morning to night and all inbetween. you will worry' about this persons welfare, and think about him or her 'all the time. you will not be able to envision a life without him or her.You will want what is best for this person and will miss him or her when he or she is not around.' you will know,trust me.
• United States
14 Jun 08
It is probably cliche to say this, but you will know. The right one is the one you think about when you first wake, the last one you think about before you fall asleep, and the only one you run to when there is trouble in your life. For me, it is knowing that there are no secrets, no skeletons in the closet. We have shared the good, the bad and the awful with each other. We finish the others sentences or thoughts. He will call me at the oddest times, just when I have been thinking about him. There is just a different feeling when you have found "the" right one, instead of someone you could be comfortable spending the rest of your life with.