Do you like doing arts and crafts?

June 20, 2008 4:34am CST
I enjoy doing arts and crafts. I do it to while my leisure time. Sometimes, instead of going to the mall or watch television, i gather my crafting materials, laid them on a table and start working on my projects. I find it enjoyable and productive. As for now, i am doing scrapbooks of my photos during our recent travel in Singapore and Malaysia. I also love doing origami although i only know few designs as of now. I also do sketching and collect poems and beautiful short stories and put them in an album. If only i have really more time to do all them a lot, I just love to bring out that creative side within me. I find myself productive when doing stuffs like that. Do you also enjoy arts and crafting? Share your thoughts... :-)
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5 Apr 10
oh yes!!! I do love doing arts and crafts. Even as a child, I used to draw and paint. Oh how I love colors! I used to make small things or projects that turned out as crafts. When i was in the elementary grades, I and my grandfather used to make cards - Christmas cards, valentine cards, mother's day cards, etc. These we sell to classmates and friends. My classmates would gather around me and admire these cards and try to bargain and eventually buy. Also, my grandpa and I would make small toys for sale. There was a time when I was so enchanted by the paper dolls that we made. I buy and recycle papers of different colors and textures. Out of those papers, I made dresses for my paper doll. Oh what a fun way to spend vacation at home! Now that I am busy at the office, I don't have much time for anything. Yet, I still indulge in doing arts and crafts. I see to it that during Christmas and birthdays I have something prepared to be given away as presents. I get my satisfaction from the smiles and hugs that my family and friends give me as they receive my arts and crafts present. Most worthy of all is the fact that doing arts and crafts erases all my office tensions and stresses. It cures me and make me happy.
@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
20 Jun 08
I used to love to do arts and crafts. I never have the time for it anymore though. I used to love to make things and then try to sell them later. That was the hardest part. I haven't made crafts in years now but if I ever had the time again, I would love to make some more.
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@MGjhaud (21958)
• Philippines
20 Jun 08
When I was still in elementary and in high school, I really like doing this stuff. I spend my time creating and reembelishing stuff. But when I came to college, I guess I turn my interests into something else. Though sometimes I still do the same thing but not like before that almost every week, I buy crafting stuff.
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@Emma30587 (402)
20 Jun 08
I love arts and crafts! I love cardmaking and scrapbooking. Ive also do the odd ATC, ive added ATCs to my hobbies list on mylot but I think theres only me on there so if you like ATCs add it to you list and lets get chatting and swapping tips and techniques!!
20 Jun 08
i do!!! as a matter of fact, i keep a detailed scrapbook of places i've been to. :D sometimes, i do origamis...the latest i've learned so far is the paper box :D
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• Canada
21 Jun 08
I used to enjoy arts and crafts when I was a little girl, but now I dno't hae the time, patience, or spae in my apartment to do that sort of thing. I can do almost anything on the computer, though. ;-)