Do you get the outcome you desire?

@raydene (9874)
United States
June 21, 2008 8:53am CST
Machiavelli said something like “Wars begin where you will... but they do not end where you please” I wonder how many times we start something assuming the outcome will be.. and have it in reality so very different! Like we start a discussion with our child/mate and out of nowhere? comes an explosion! You head to the store to quickly pick up milk and end up in the hospital because someone ran a red! I have come to realize this and have learned to bite my lower lip to avoid an arguement that neither of us will win... But if carried out will scar us forever! To sit a second longer looking both ways! To mend the fence before the horse is out instead of after I chase them! How much of the bad results are on us? How many times do they happen because we breeze through life unawares? I don't really have an answer... I need to form one in my head.. so I need your input. oxoxoxoxoxxoxo
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@celticeagle (123397)
• Boise, Idaho
21 Jun 08
If you don't put forth what you feel are you being totally honest with yourself? Are you losing yourself because you don't want to say what you feel? Why? To save face? To look better than you are? So words that need to be said stay unsaid just alittle longer? Is this really being yourself and letting destiny take a walk OR are you pulling back because the unknown is too scarey to face? I truly feel that life is just too too short not to take a strangling hold on the moment and say your piece, hopefully with tact, and come out the other side feeling better for the experience. I would respect another for this and hope that I am for doing so. Friends come to me because they know I will tell them straight and I hope for same from them. And, agreeing to disagree can be very healthy.
@weemam (13377)
21 Jun 08
Hi sweetheart , I could not count the times I have had to bite my tongue , I have to do this all the time at the moment , As you know Mm and dad both have Alzheimer's now and most days when I go to their house there is a bit of a disagreement going on , I can't take sides so I just bite my tongue :) xx