Low payout versus High payout - what kind of payout do you prefer?

June 23, 2008 6:42am CST
I have joined many of PTC sites and I noticed that there are two main groups of them. The first one is low payout and the last one is high payout. For low payout, you can request payment after you clicks on the ads for 2-3 days. However, the revenue per click is very low. Conversely, in high payout, the minimum payout is quite high ($5-$10 for example) and you can request payment after you continuing clicks on the ads for a couple month without any referral but the cost per click is higher than low payout PTC. What scheme do you prefer? and Why?
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@pumpkinjam (6879)
• United Kingdom
23 Jun 08
For me, it would depend on the currency and payment method. If the site offered my own currency into Pay Pal then a low payout would be fine but if it was a foreign currency, it would be better to have a higher pay out because, that way, I wouldn't have the worry that the payout would convert to nothing. Also, if it pays by cheque then it should be higher if the currency is not your own. I had a cheque payment from Clixsense and could not cash it because it would have cost more to cash it than the cheque was worth. The value was only about $8 which is little more than the bus fare to my bank!