yesterday i slept Till 12 in the noon

fast asleep - beautiful and lost
@lovenluck (1068)
June 28, 2008 12:53am CST
lol Just could not wake my self up,kept on sleeping on and on and finally woke up because i had to and not That I wanted too. Lol I was hungry hmmmmmmm.Have you slept that long. i just slept like a log,and if i wasn't hungry I could have slept for few more hours. Actually slept late and was tired so could not help it when I got this wonderful opportunity
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@mialei23 (2386)
• Philippines
1 Jul 08
Yeah, I experienced sleeping till afternoon. I just woke up when I felt the hungry. But I realized sleeping that long is not good, because we are not eating on time. Our sleeping pattern is not well balance. But when you have a work to do or you came from work or a graveyard shift, you really need to make adjustment that even you have to sleep that long be sure you have eaten at least you will not be hungry during intervals of your sleep, and you will not get sick.
@MOMMASAM (1004)
• United States
28 Jun 08
oh! i'm a sleeper, too. 9 hours per night is perfect for me. i work some night shifts at the crisis center. it seems to take me 3 days to catch up ! i have a friend who power naps....can't do that. i've tried. my problem is turning off my brain.
@bjcyrix (6907)
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
Hi! Yeah I always feel like that and sleep is a luxury for me because I really cannot stand not no sleep at least 9 hours a night. Im one of those sleep late wake up late people. Since I have school I have to sleep late because of homework and wake up early to get to class which kinda disrupts my sleeping habits.tsk3 So I catch up to my sleep on the weekends. I honestly sleep 12 hours on the weekends and I always feel refreshed when I wake up. Even hunger cant stop me from sleeping.LOL Even if my stomach is already grumbling as long as I still wanna sleep Ill just go right back to sleep. Well, congratulations in having a very refreshing nights sleep.^_^