What is your opinion about Scientology?

June 28, 2008 7:06am CST
I know Scientology is a religion and it is as common as Christianity or Islam or Judaism or any other religion. But no other religion received so much flak as Scientology is receiving. Is it a crime to believe in something one believes in? Is the critism received is because of the ways practiced in this religion or is it because of Tom Cruise's association with it? What is your opinion about this matter? ( Don't drag Tom Cruise unceremonously into the discussion)
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7 Sep 08
The reason they get so much flak is because of their practises, no their beliefs. For example, once someone joins, they're not allowed to be friends with anyone that disagrees with Scientology or doesn't believe. People that openly express their disbelief of Scientology are referred to as "Suppressive Persons" within the organisation. Their doctrine also says that Suppressive persons are to be dealt with through 'harm, deprivation of property and harassment,' as part of their "Fair Game" policy. Fair Game applies to all SPs and SPs could be declared to be anyone. Scintologists have followed people home, broken in to their houses, made threatening phone calls, and are encouraged to LIE about people to publicly slander them (one protester had his name, address and phone number put on a billboard and given to strangers and another protester was accused of paedophilia. A journalist was framed by the organisation for bomb threats too). In addition to this, they seduce new members through "Dianetics," a fraudulent system of therapy which only serves to induce a euphoric state of mind. You are forced to pay hundreds to thousands to advance through the ranks. Also, you are forbidden from reading many books in Scientology and are forbidden from using parts of the internet. The Scientology organisation have also been caught by the US government to have broken in to and infiltrated government offices, like the IRS. They are a dangerous, lying organisation masquerading as a church. Look up "Scientology Controversies" on wikipedia or check out Xenutv.com or my own blog, www.h-m-r.blogspot.com for more information.
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20 Jul 08
I've been looking into Scientology a little bit, just to see what its all about. For a really interesting read, go to Wikipedia and look up "Operation Freakout". Its about an initiative by the "church" against a journalist who wrote a criticizing book about the religion. They framed her for mailing bomb threats, tried to frame her for terroristic threats. Very bizarre, I would be really interested to hear from a Scientologist to hear what makes them enjoy it as a religion, because I just don't see the appeal.