Have you been scam by HYIP pograms before?

@lyzabelle (1668)
July 5, 2008 9:28am CST
Me..yes,recently. These are the Hyip that I invested upon who scammed me. So better watch out...ok? Here's the list: 1dailyfunds, Netherlands Investment, and lastly Trade Investment. Beware!
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@alisoni (90)
• Pakistan
18 Jul 08
Yes im scammed by Most of the Hyip site , I was paid by my first invested hyip after been paid from one of the site , I believed that Hyip is a legit thing but when i invested On another site it scammed Me Not all hyip are scam but Most are scam and Only few are Paying! So what You all think ? Am i Rigth?
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6 Jul 08
Thanks for the heads up. Good to know about these things as one is always in danger of getting scammed.I think i ran in to a bad one called REALITY CHARITY as soon as I entered my information,it just disappeared! Do you think my identity was stolen? What can I do about it?
@natuser28 (907)
• United States
5 Jul 08
Yes, practically all HYIP are scams. As others said. HYIP Stands for High Yield Investment Program. I have been in the "scene" of HYIPs for over 2 years now and I have to say that 99.99% of them do end up as scams. They will build up and pay as new members invest money. I can recommend you 1 of them that I have been invested in for quite a while now and is stable. In the trading market, it is difficult but possible to make a good 10-20% profit in a stable manner (you have to be good). Usually programs like those already went private and do not accept anymore investors as they have all the money they need. Any site telling you that you will get x% per month will most likely be a scam as it is illegal to do so for SEC registered companies. I wouldn't even start to do research on any site that offer more than 1% per day as they are scams and/or will not last long. Most companies also are just not registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The one I would recomment has been in business for a while now and I wouldn't be surprised if they went private soon. They do not tell you how much percentage you will get as it depends how their traders do. From personal experience, I have seen an average of 0.45% per day which turns to be about 12-13% per month with a bad month at 8% and best at 19%. This company is registered with the SEC.
• Malaysia
5 Jul 08
Friend, what the site link. let me know. Add you as friend and let me know in your pm. Thanks!
@msmell (1378)
• Australia
11 Jul 08
Hi Natuser, Yes please I am interested in knowing what this program is so could you please pm me your link too .... thanks msmell