How many glasses or cups of water do you drink in a day?

@mchavez11 (1406)
July 9, 2008 10:14pm CST
I love drinking water and I heard a person should drink almost at least 8 glasses of water each day. Though sometimes when you're out with your peers you tend to substitute water to soda or other carbonated drinks. In this case, your water intake lessens. So in a day, how many glasses of water can you drink? Do you still maintain your average intake even if there are alternative drinks other than water?
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@allen0187 (44167)
• Philippines
10 Jul 08
hi mate. i drink lots of water as well. i avergae around ten to twelve glasses a day. more if i work-out. i start my day drinking a glass of water, not cold water mind you. through the day, i drink lots of water and i do without sodas or juices. even when i go out drinking, i still make it a point to drink lots of water. i mean the health benefits of water is often overlooked but one has to realize that our body is made up of water so why fill it up with something else?
@magojordan (3254)
• Philippines
10 Jul 08
I drink a lot of water. I drink a glass after I have woken up, about 2 glasses during breakfast, 3 during lunch and another 2 during dinner. I have a water bottle at office and that contains about three glasses. I also refill it at the office so usually I have 6 glasses at work. I don't substitute water for alternative drinks because usually after drinking cola or iced tea I drink again water to refresh myself.
@saverio (402)
• India
10 Jul 08
I drink about a glass of water per hour.8-10 glasses of water is supposed to be healthy to the human body.Also drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning is really healthy.
• United States
10 Jul 08
I am not sure on how many glasses I drink a day but I do know that I drink about 4 or 5 water bottles a day and there not all the same size some are the 16oz. and some are like 24oz.