What's public transport like were you are ?

@missbdoll (1167)
July 12, 2008 3:15am CST
With the constant ibcrease in petrol prices, more and more people are using public trasnport.Her in Sydney there always heaps of complaits about the trains, it's especialy bad for people living in the outer suburbs.Overcrowding, running late and cancelations. I'm lucky as I live close to the city and just use buses, but even the there are times when they just donn't show up.I've waited for bushes that are suposed to run every 15 min and I've waited for up to 50 min.But the main ones I need to use are pretty good. How is public transport were you are ?
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• Singapore
14 Jul 08
well singapore has a great transport system. its really organized and has amazing trains and buses. air conditioned with a card system. ofcourse coz of the petrol hike they wud be increasing the tariff i guess. but taking cabs has now become very expensive.
@tyc415 (5706)
• United States
12 Jul 08
I see city buses go by all the time out here where I live. There is also taxi cabs but I think those are very expensive. Not far from my house they have a park and ride place, people can park their car for free and ride the bus to work in town, there are usully a lot of cars and trucks parked in there during the weekdays. We don't have trains here or subways.
@joyce959 (1560)
• Philippines
12 Jul 08
I am fortunate that I live in the city where public transport here is not a problem. There are lots of buses (non-aircon and aircon) which are convenient to ride if its cool, except at rush hours when it is crowded with passengers. There are also lots of jeepneys. There are also aicon vans which take you from point to point. Taxi is also available but more expensive to take compared to bus or jeep. We have also MRT and LRT which are convenient to ride because we can reach our destination faster compared to bus and jeep because there is no traffic. I have been to some countries and I observe that if you don't own a car, it is hard to commute. I could say that we have a better public transport service here compared to the countries I have been to.
• India
12 Jul 08
Well, the increase in fuel prices has seem to affected a lot more people than the Indians. Here, in India, the system of public transport is well organised, but people depended on personal vehicles such as cars and bikes, that these guys have slacked and the service provided is not so good. I live in the heart of a major metro and I have few complaints regarding this because most of the places around me are properly connected. But I study at a place very far away from home and taking the option of Public transport to such a place is a foolish thing because the frequency of the buses connecting to that place is very low and owing to this fact, the crowd is high. Even if I wait, the next bus is at a time that would prevent me from reaching college on time. So I prefer a bike there. Well, hope that more people start using public transport and make them a profit which would be good for all of the other citizens as well. bourne