Men,would you tell a cuckolded husband that his wife is cheating on him?

July 17, 2008 12:46am CST
Its a reality in my neighborhood, the wife of a man working abroad is two-timing her husband and doing so the last 6 years with her husband's most trusted friend and neighbor. I learned yesterday that the relative of the husband already confronted him about it, but the husband refused to believe. This time, the entire office where the man-lover is working knows all about the affair ( the lover brags about his conquest) and the husband will be coming home this month. Those in the know pity the man. Different neighbors have seen the two in very compromising situations mostly in an unholy hour. The husband is a very nice man, quiet, handsome but home only two months in a year. If you were in his place, who would you need to tell you so you would believe? And would you want your friends to tell you or would you rather they wait for you to discover for yourself?
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