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July 21, 2008 6:10pm CST
has anyone ever heard of this site before? they say that they will pay you to do offers and read email and play games. but it seems to me that it takes more money to play those games and you dont really get a break. i started at this site and was paid once sometime last year. but when i added up all the money i spent playing the stupid games i couldnt believe how much i forked over just to get to pay out. anyways. i dont know i think i might be addicted to playing games on line. like last week i wasnt here at mylot because i was on which the only thing i got was a headache and a $5 gift card. but nothing major. i have heard some people on there have made bank which is good for them but- i think i just like to have something that will waste my time. how sad is that? anyways. anybody else addicted to playing games online? and where do you go to play those games? are they for money or are they for fun?
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• United States
22 Jul 08
I don't really play any of the games in inboxdollars. I've already been paid by them twice and all I do on that site is read the emails and take surveys. I play games on That site has some pretty good games. I deposited some money on Saturday but I ended up losing it. But at least I was able to have some fun on Saturday. But other than that I don't really play games for money because it won't pay you much and you know that there is someone out there that is better than you and can beat you and you can then lose your money. Oh I am also a member of moola where you can play games.
• United States
22 Jul 08
Nah, I don't really care to play games online. I don't play games on Inbox Dollars, either. I mostly take the surveys to earn my pay with them. I used to play with Neopets, but I've gotten busy doing other things, so I stopped. You don't win anything with them, it's just for fun. Games can be fun, but I would just rather be doing something else.
@greenline (14848)
• Canada
21 Jul 08
I like playing online games too. I won't say I am addicted to that , just when I have the time and just for relaxation. My site is "World Winner". I did do some "ggames", paying the fees for that. But, after a while, I sensed that it is just a waste of money. So, I only do the free games. Like you received, they give $5 gifts some times.