Psychologist/Friends/Everybody! Please read this...

August 6, 2008 8:31pm CST
Yeah, the whole thing is about my problems... a lot of problems...The story is about this, iam a member of a religious group together with my friends and its because of my friends that iam involved in it anyway. Here's the thing, i sort of like quitted, not really quit but i find it hard to find a schedule but im not really that busy. And now, im in a lot of pressure, my friends do, they want me to go back and what iam thinkin' is that i want to but not now. And hey! My grades are down, my life seem to be awful! and like HOPELESS! all of sarcastic words could describe it! I cant open up with somebody, this virtual world is my only outlet! I couldn't open up with my girlfriend coz even her ive got a lot of problems! Yesterday is her birthday and I never did come, i mean i have the opportunity but i ran away! Im a half kilometer away from them (my friends & my girlfriend) and i didnt decide to go because of my stupidity! I dont know what to do, i keep on seeing myself dying in a dreadful Heart Attack! Gee! I hate my life, i hate the way everything is goin, Im very BORED! i guess im not in the place where i wanted to be. I know i need to accept where iam, gee, they keep on saying how lucky you are your born! If that's the case, then i may have wished im never been born! I wanna be with God out there! Where theres no worries, im not sad! everthings fine. And everybodies Happy! What can you say? I hope some psychologist here can help me. PLease help me
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• India
7 Aug 08
Chillax dude.. Nothing is wrong with you. It's just that you are making some wrong decisions. Do not think that life is hopeless because it never is. You just need to take time and think out things for the better. No one believes in that line anymore. You are "Lucky That You Are Born". BS. we are humans and just getting a life is nothing to be grateful of. We have to make something out of this life. If you are being forced to do something, then you have to rebel against it, no matter who is on the other sides. And as you already said it, it was your stupidity that you didn't go. It was very rude on your part. Everybody feels this way once in the life and I think this is the one time you are going to face this. Life usually turns to better or for the worse after this stage. Plan and think out your options and make some life for you. Best of Luck. bourne
• Philippines
7 Aug 08
• United States
9 Aug 08
Not too hard. Find another interest and new friends that will come ot your home and not make you have to only see them in a buiding elsewhere. Your grades are down, so you are in school/college? Find a study group to get up the grades and invite them to come over and study at your place! Make your friends in class and get close to the kids doing well and who get good grades and study with them! Church is not the only place to make friends.-No need to be lonely!