Is cold because of allergies? Help me.

@sivanj (1263)
August 7, 2008 12:58am CST
I always am wondering why i get cold every now and then. Is it the pollution and other things around us cause allergies? How do i manage it? Do i need to take tablets every time? Or leave it to subside? I have problem when i get cold. I am not able to concentrate on the work and hence go on to take tablets. I know its bad. But what can i do?
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@jammyt (2822)
• Philippines
7 Aug 08
You're right, it MIGHT be allergies. My husband has fits of watery eyes, sneezing and snuffing when the room is dusty. He also has a habit of sneezing in the morning. Rhinitis is what's it called I think. He usually takes SINUTAB but if here's none available, he takes a very hot shower and makes sure there's steam and blows his nose out (literally!) to get rid of the stuffiness. He also makes sure everything at home is clean. When he starts sneezing, it's time to have the bedsheets changed. Try seeing a doctor so that they can diagnose it at once and address your concern to. hen ask what medicine should you take.
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@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
7 Aug 08
There is a big difference between a cold a sinuses and allergies. you may want to go to the doctor if you can so he can prescribe the right medication for you to take to make sure to get rid of whatever your symptoms are.
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