When you are sent to the laboratory for some testing, what are your fears?

@Jenaisle (4139)
August 8, 2008 10:33pm CST
At one time or another in our lifetimes, we are sent to the laboratory for some tests to be performed. What are your usual fears when you are up for testing? Be it urine, blood, feces , biopsy, etc? I know your usual fears would be, will they find someting wrong with me? Aside from this, what procedure in the lab do you find most daunting. Do you consider the lab personnel a vital factor included in your fears? like cranky lab personnel, etc? or you don't care about the lab's PR as long as they perform the tests efficiently? Would you rather have an efficient, unfriendly staff or a friendly unorganized staff? What are your thoughts on this?
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@yrayne (76)
9 Aug 08
..for me, its blood.. and needles..
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@jowie9 (20)
• Philippines
13 Apr 10
Im a medical technologist, it's part of our job to perform those test needed to help the doctors in diagnosing the patients. During my first days of duty, I was afraid that i might not be able to draw blood especially in private hospitals cause i might get scolded by patient.of course, at times you might not be able to draw blood properly under certain circumstances especially if i have a bad day. i just get used to it. In my profesion, im very much cautious especially if its a newborn ,infant or children below 3 yrs.I really felt bad if i wasnt able to extract blood from them.huhuhu... but of course every patient and sample that i had encounter, i did my best to give the accurate and precise result.