Mindreading. - Lady mindreader.
United States
August 8, 2008 10:34pm CST
How would you know if you could read other people thoughts? Do you think that type of thing is possible???
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• Pakistan
16 Aug 08
yes i think it is possible... human is one amzing creation of GOD... humans use only a small part of their brain... if you get control of your brain...you can do the things which you think are not possible... self hypnotesim, and astral travel are some things which i've tried my self...altough i did not succed 100% but still i beleive them, because you should have a ree mind for these things... all you need is mind power and techniques how to control it... you can wath a program named MIND POWER on AXN..it will make you think wht it really is...
@yrayne (76)
9 Aug 08
..well, for me, i think that's not possible.. maybe, we could guess what's going on to somebody's mind, but we can't actually read their minds.. it's the same as, maybe we could understand what's going on in somebody's life through his eyes but we can never tell what is exactly going on.. we could say someone is happy or not on the reflection of their eyes though they try to laugh..