Oprah exposee'.... please read!

August 10, 2008 4:59am CST
oprah does not believe in God.! how could this be? please watch the interview and the documentary about her and all of her works and her belief and you will surely be shocked!!! i mean, i really could not believe it until i heard it and watch it.. please do try it in youtube.. and allow your eyes to be opened.. this is another call to all christians!!!please let us pray!
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@dloveli (4368)
• United States
10 Aug 08
I must admit that it wouldnt surprise me. I used to be a big fan of Oprah until I started to almost see her play on peoples emotions. It seems to me that she is a very misleading individual. Just like her engagement to that man Steadman. They are no more in love than two strangers. Oprah does things because she CAN. She likes the reaction she gets from people. I do understand that she's been through some rough times as a child. What I dont understand is why you insist on opening the same can of worms over and over. In the beginning she seemed genuine. It wasnt until she became one of the richest women on tv that she began losing site of things. One of these things may have been God. I think she should be thanking him everyday. They say "Money is the root of All evils. dl
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• Philippines
12 Aug 08
yeah, you are right. money is really the root of all evil..hope that in our lives right now, we will be not aftering the money and the world has to offer. some had been in there and it is not good. let us keep our eyes on things which are not seen... dloveli, focus on God! JESUS CHRIST...
@Zelmarq (12563)
• Cebu City, Philippines
12 Aug 08
I saw that on youtube and now no longer watch her shows, at first I like her show and what she is doing for man kind but its only a facade, doing good works, surely good works are not enough but a real relationship and having a saviour our Lord Jesus Christ. Kuya frank warned us about these new age beliefs and oprah is one of them.