what will you do ?

August 11, 2008 3:55am CST
when you see your girlfriend or boyfriend in the arm of other guy or girl will you confront them or just avoid them and when meet them you will tell him/her its over
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• Australia
11 Sep 08
It's a common question this. First I would sugguest you ask the person. You don't ever know who that person is. It could be a cousin, a close friend, etc. Ask question's first. Save yourself some long term heartache
• Argentina
11 Aug 08
It didn't happen to me and I beg it never happens but, in that case, I think the most intelligent option would be avoid them and then cut-off the relationship. What I'd never do is forgive his/her fault because that would give him/her the oportunity to do it again... Good luck!
@Favour3 (12)
11 Aug 08
Hmm evry difficult to have a cheating boyfriend. the best thing is to make sure you boyfriends sees you and that you are aware that he was in another girls arms. you then say goode bye to him. he should go to the other girl. if you dont let your boyfriend know that you have seen them he will denire.
@sharie16 (2213)
• Philippines
11 Aug 08
for me, i would approach them both and say hi i'm ______, im the girlfriend of the person you are with...i hope you'll have a nice day....haha it might make them fight if the girl she's being with doesn't know that the guy currently has a girlfriend...hmm, i dont need to slap the guy anymore, im sure the girl she's being with did it for us..LOL...after that i think he wouldn't dare to approach me anymore...and i hope he got the message that we're totally done...
@roanne05 (1292)
• Oman
11 Aug 08
hmmmmm... a tough one. i will not get near them nor talk to them. but will make sure my boyfriend or special someone will know that i saw them. if it is not what i think it is, he will be calling me and introducing to the girl. if it is true,,,for sure he will act as if he did not see me. that will also be the last time we will see each other. no explanations...it is already caught in the act, what is there to explain right???
• United States
11 Aug 08
hmm for me if i see my boyfriend with the other girl, ill just say to them Hi and have a nice day, thats all...then after that ill change my number and keep away myself to my boyfriend and never talk to him again, i think if that will happen then he will realize all his mistakes...thats all!
• Pakistan
11 Aug 08
oh!!!!!!! very difficult situation indeed, practically if this happens many of us may start fight and we may just try to pull our bf/gf unintentionally. But in this situation its clear that your partner is not sincere with you, it means its time to say Good Bye. No need to get angry just tell him/her its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!