strecth marks!!!!!!!! do the creams really work?

@mitchii (154)
United States
August 13, 2008 1:31am CST
yes ladies the word we dread!!!! my friend monique just had a baby 3 months ago and she has a lot of stretch marks to show for it. she doesnt have online acsess so she ask me to research on line what creams work i came up with a few.i was just wondering if you ladies have any insight on one that works are do you think its a waste of time?
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@LittleMel (14033)
• Canada
13 Aug 08
Not sure about anti stretch creams, but keeping the skin healthy and moisturized should improve its appearance. Pick the right moisturizer for her skin, eat fruits and drink milk, also go jogging, swimming or yoga whenever she has time. I would suggest Olay or Neutrogena for lotions, but it really is up to your friend. Different skin and lifestyles will need different skin care.
• United States
13 Aug 08
I have tried a few different creams but none of them seemed to work. But I have noticed that just sticking to moisturizing my skin my stretch marks somewhat go away.
@rsa101 (31291)
• Philippines
13 Aug 08
My wife once bought a cream that says that it removes those stretch marks. Well after consuming a tube it did get lighter but it did not really removed the stretch marks in her. It was still there just a bit lighter. My wife decided to discontinue it since it didn't totally removed and after stopping the strechmarks remained there in her tummy.