Romantic movie in the world?

@alecz23 (486)
August 26, 2008 3:04am CST
What is your favorite romantic movie of all time or even in generations? ^^ I really love the movie called "If Only" and that movie make me full a bucket of tears...Whats yours?
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• Dominican Republic
28 Aug 08
I would go with "the notebook"... its amazing how love can make it through the years... *tear, tear*
@Lauzzy (27)
• Belgium
1 Sep 08
My favourite love movie is 'Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles' ('A Very Long Engagement') from French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It's about this young French girl who is desperately looking for her missing fiancé after World War I. The story takes place in the beautiful region of Britanny (France) with some scenes shot in Paris. It's a kind of detective story. The protagonist Mathilde is certain that Manech (her fiancé) is still alive. In the end she finds him only he is amnesic and therefore does not remember her...It's a sad ending but at least he does not remember the horrors of the war nor the sufferings of the trenches. With Mathilde he can start all over again.
• Dominican Republic
9 Sep 08
sounds sad but sweet, is it available on dvd?
• Philippines
18 Nov 08
A Very Long Engagement has an occasional sepia cinematography that effectively gives the film a nostalgic feel. The symbolic shoots, such as the grass rippling gradually like waves and an albatross fighting against the direction of the wind, illustrate the strong emotions of the character. It is sentimental but remarkable narrative of love and optimism amid the devastation of war.
@glay22 (512)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
for me it's "The Notebook".. after 8 lon years they were finally reunited and still their love for each other is very strong.. i think it applies to you alecz..even if your gf is miles away, your hearts still belong to each other.. you should still believe in true love.. no matter how hard it is my most favorite line of the movies was "they kept on fighting everyday, arguing with each other.. but the best thing was.. they are crazy about each other"
@glay22 (512)
• Philippines
27 Aug 08
hi.. thanks for making me the best response :-)
@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
30 Nov 08
My favorite romantic movie of all time is The Officer and a Gentleman. It is just a really good all around movie, and I love the ending. I also agree with one of the other members on here, the Notebook was also an amazingly romantic movie. Very sad, but definately true love to its ultimate power.
• Philippines
10 Nov 08
I dont really watch romantic movies, but for me i would say Titanic
• Indonesia
16 Oct 08
I think no movies can beat Entrapment, performed by Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones. The partnership between an experienced and genius old thief (Connery) with energetic and smart and beautiful young thief, which ended up a romantic relationship is very flowing and natural. and without too explicitly showing their feeling to each other, the movie can make us understand and feel what they feel the last scene in the train station is i think the most romantic scene i have ever seen.
• India
10 Sep 08
my favourite romantic movies r serendipity and titanic......titanic was a classic
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
for me the timeless romantic movie that ive ever seen is "titanic"i cant help but watch it over and over again coz it really shows unconditional and everlasting true love.
@cishi1230 (197)
• Philippines
26 Aug 08
Mine would be, "Somewhere in time". It's a sad love story of two people, one living in the past and the other in the present time. After watching the film, I was overwhelmed, touched and moved.