Best PTC Site....

August 27, 2008 7:08am CST
The best PTC site in my opinion is I have not recieved a payout but there userbase is huge. Traffic ranking is also 603 worlwide which is quite impressive. Google search algorithm also places it on top if you search for such aites. Is there any other site which is as impressive and genuine as is??
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@curiousman (2427)
• Malaysia
27 Aug 08
The ranking only benefits the owner, not its members. From the perspective of a user, it's poor in terms of payment. That's what really matters. No offense but I feel the site is using its members by not pay on time. I would never work for someone who doesn't respect my work by delaying my wages. Just my opinion.
• India
27 Aug 08
I was not aware about the payment issue... I think its quite serious after recieving such a feedback from you guys. Thanks for putting it forward.
• India
30 Oct 09
I think is totally sacm site. I have seen many people who did not recieve any payment after the redeem.
@thejuice (235)
• Indonesia
5 May 09
well.., bux to have very disappointed me so much, i have make cashout since 5 months ago, until now i haven't receive any payment from that site.and now i only play at and value bux, i think they are legit one.
@rortiz86 (1697)
• Philippines
27 Aug 08
If you will read their TOS, you'll be frustrated, you have to wait that long???, even if your earning a lot you still need to wait for several months to receive your payments..... Why not try Neobux?, by the way yesterday I received my payment w/in just seconds and not months. How can you compare the efficiency of Neobux to Buxto?
@satyakam (1112)
• India
27 Aug 08
You may be right but the biggest disadvantage is much delay in payout,if you are doing online earning how long can u wait and does it worth,so early payout is very good ,you can rotation your money again and again.
@mysdianait (65058)
• Italy
27 Aug 08
If you don't mind waiting for your payout then I suppose it is among the best but there are many others that pay for your 'work' much sooner. My favorites are CrewBux and Isabelmarco'sMoneymaker. Bothe have paid me several times and proofs are on my blog. Happy posting!