Third payment from Thinkbux!

@Emiese (994)
August 27, 2008 12:03pm CST
Now I am in a happy mode! I just got my third payment from Thinkbux. This time I had waited til I had about 10$ to request (minimum is 5$). I was actually planning on saving the money on the account to pay an upgrade with my balance, but since I am going on holidays I figured that the money was safer on my Alertpay account than there, just in case something happens with the site. So I requested on Sunday night, 2008-08-24 and had the payment by lunch today, so not even three full days! I am glad I have recommended Thinkbux to people, it is really worth while! You guys who aren't members already go to the banner on my profile and sign up now, to take part of this lucrative site! Do you prefer to have the money paid out to you, or do you save them on the site even when you have more than the minimum payout? Do you prefer paying for upgrades and referrals from your Alertpay or Paypal or from your balance, even though that mean you may have to have the money for a long time on the site?
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@lovenluck (1068)
• India
27 Aug 08
absolutely right ,thinkbux is a great site and i have posted my payment proofs too, I have already received 3 payouts and i am just about there on my fourth( actually my balance is 4.996 ). so near yet so far is how i am feeling right now but even then i have no plans of withdrawing it right now For i want it to pile up a little more so that I get a fatter and hefty payout next month. i know it's risky but i gam going to take the risk . I upgraded to premium aCCOUNT IN A FIT OF RAGE IN THIS site and really madness is what we need sometimes to make good money!!!
@Emiese (994)
• Sweden
28 Aug 08
This sounds good :) I waited until I had 10$, made it twice as fun to cash out :) Enjoy the site!