Loyality to your partner

September 1, 2008 7:58am CST
In today's world, does loyality exist particularly for one's partner? We come across so many incidents that both men and women have extra marital affairs. What is the sole reason behind this? Can we control such type of situation?
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@metalhalo (601)
• United States
1 Sep 08
The sole reason for extramarital affairs is usually because something is missing at home. Whether it's in the bedroom, affection, closeness or passion. Some people even get bored and when someone new pops up they begin to experience those butterflies again. Having an affair in a lot of ways makes you feel young again, someone new looking at you in a different light, it's treading on dangerous ground and full of risks. I think some are drawn to the adrenaline of it. What they don't realize at the time though is just how truely damaging it is. If and when their loved one does find out, it will cause their world to come crashing down. It is devastating. The betrayal feels like a knife in the heart. You can't even describe in words the pain that consumes you, the questions that flow from your heart and mind. The loss of trust. It makes you question everything you thought you knew..about yourself, your relationship, the person who you thought you knew inside out and your love. I definitely think that people can control this type of situation, they sometimes just choose not to or they get carried away in the moment and don't realize until it's too late. Overcoming an affair can be achieved. You just need to realize what's truely important to you. If you can find it in yourself to forgive your partner and understand why the did what they did then you can begin to smooth things out and rebuild your relationship and trust. It's hard work...but who ever said a relationship and love was easy?