Cycling in Rain--More Fun

September 6, 2008 4:10am CST
In my place , when i was doing my schooling, it used to rain in the month of october and november.i used to go to school by cycle. while returning home often it rains.i enjoy cycling in Rain.its around 3 kilomatres from my home. i like to get drenched .now i not getting that chance, i should plan for that be frank now a days its no raining in my praying god for more rain this oct-nov so that i can get drenched....
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@Shunyo (244)
• India
24 Sep 08
i loved to cycle in the rain too when i was a kid, i would love it now also thogh but dont like to cycling the city too much, earlier i was a kid and a small campus would be enough, now its small, and i really need to go to a nice place a long road with greens surroundings to enjoy cycling.
@chinniR (661)
• India
9 Sep 08
hi there. i just love the rain and like to get wet in it. once when i was returning from school it started to rain heavy. i was not able to have a clear view. but still i was getting wet. i still remember how people stared at me on that day from the shelter they were standing. they would have thought that i was crazy to do something like that. but i didn't mind it any way. happy mylotting!
@rkrish (3003)
• India
8 Sep 08
Rains are nature gift and i too remember it was a pleasant experience riding cylcles during rainy days especially with friends..we also used to go for longer distance and going into the accumulated depth rain water is also a great fun....sometimes i used to taste that water comes from up ..thats also so nice to think back... Rain rain go away comeagin another day...rain has gone and come back but the days are not....
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
6 Sep 08
I remember those days as well, while on the way back from school. Getting wet and enjoying ourselves to come home and get a lecture from my mother and of course some hot and mildly spicy snacks soon after. After that it was getting wet on the bike. That was not as much fun though.
@riyasam (16571)
• India
6 Sep 08
i used to love getting wet and ofcourse cycling in the rains but my mother used to get a fit whenever i used to get wet.