who will make u happy and share ur sorrows?

September 7, 2008 12:15am CST
hai to all mylot friend ..i like to share the good qualities of friendship
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@corngrass (727)
• Malaysia
7 Sep 08
My dear and my family of course. Sometime, my colleague whom i considered as my friend too.[em] My dear really is a great support to me, he share every mood i have, happy, sorrow anger and etc. He is there for me when i need his care.
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@stephcjh (38808)
• United States
7 Sep 08
My husband makes me happy and he lets me share my sorrows with him. I also have two good online friends who make me happy and listen and try to help me with my sorrows also.
@mssaranya (193)
• India
7 Sep 08
Hi!!!!! A true friend is the one who stands by in both our happiness and sorrows..If a friend is with us only when we are happy thats because he/she should be selfish .And if a person helps when we are sad thats not called friendship,its just a kinda sympathy they show on us.Friends are the ones with whom we can be frank enough and we should not nod our head for what and all they say.If they do any mistake,a good friend should take immediate action to correct them..
@sumiirajj (1983)
• India
7 Sep 08
Hi friend,Its our parents who share our happiness and sorrows till we get married.They think always only for our well being.And after marriage our happiness and sorrows are shared by our partners and children.Thanks for sharing.happy mylotting.