when u as a student....what are the things happened to ur life?

student - student! student!
September 7, 2008 1:13am CST
hai to all mylot friend when u as student what happiest moment happend to ur life .?.
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@jzjqdkd (273)
• China
10 Sep 08
when i am a student, the happiest moment is with my girlfriend walking in the playground,talking,chasing.but now the days won't come back ,i miss it!
@chinniR (661)
• India
9 Sep 08
hi there. i had a lot of happy moments when i was in college. when in school i can remember one thing. it was when i was in class seven. it was on my birthday. two of my best friends gave me a surprise in the school. they somehow managed to bring a cake into the school without getting noticed. things like these weren't encouraged in school. that's the main reason. it was something which i can never forget.
• Ireland
8 Sep 08
When I was a student many years ago, the happiest moment of my life was the day I left school. I disliked school and the endless hours of studying. The teachers were very strict and we were punished for the least little thing. However, all the studying paid off and I got an excellent job with a very good salary but I am so happy that my school days are over.
@stephcjh (38808)
• United States
7 Sep 08
When I was a student in school, things didn't go to well for me. I was teased, taunted and bullied by others on the school bus as well as in the school and in the classroom. I never missed a day of school though and I made good grades and graduated.
@leafgxu (472)
• China
7 Sep 08
When I was a college student, my happiest moment is that I won the cycling race. Some friends were come and congratulated.
@meesum (65)
• India
7 Sep 08
the school picnikk is my happest movement in my school life.....