I need Help how to feed my iguana!!!

September 8, 2008 9:39pm CST
Hello, I got an iguana few weeks ago, my cat caught it and brought it home. I just save him from his death the iguana and named him Iggy. Now its my first time to have a kind of pet like this and I dont know what to do. First I prepared a cage for him. Prepared food, like cabbage and other vegetables(vegies). But his not eating or any, I though he might be injured during his encounter with my cat. But there was no sign of any wounds or broken bones. He dont want to be touch it turns brown when someone is around. I like to force him to eat. The question is this: what kind of food that iguana eat? (vegetables) It really needs heat to digest its food? (I think yes) If you have any tips how to make my iggy healthy again please post it here.. Thank YOu!! I hope you can help me..
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• India
6 Jul 10
I have no idea friend, i see them in gardens, but we have house lizards that crawl on walls, eat insects cockroach etc, if there is leftover food they eat too.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
@shell2784 (752)
• United States
10 Nov 09
My girlfriend and i have adopted or at least cared for poorly maintained/abused iguanas. Anytime we've had a rough time getting them to eat... we simply hold them down like a puppy and use a syringe to give them gatorade... also - I do'nt know about cabbage for iguanas... never gave any of mine that... but if he's being finicky, deep green lettuce or broccoli normally catches their attention... and oddly enough, so does fried chicken. The color change thing I wouldn't worry about. They change their colors all the time based on surroundings... and of course moods... but a browinging color isn't always a bad thing. Maybe he just doesn't want to eat in front of you. Give him food, keep his heat lights/rocks/whatever on and let him be for awhile. With food staring him in the face... and no one else - he's more likely to adventure into the world of domestic pet food :) If you're trying to feed him by hand... don't do it right now - let him get back into good health first. It take them awhile to get used to the fact that what you're shoving in their face is something to help them, not harm them kind of thing. I hope you're having better luck with him... anything I can do to help, please let me know!
• Belgium
12 Oct 08
put some frozen peas in a bowl of warm water and wait till there defrozen and give them to him or her iguanas love peas man give it a try