britney is back!!

September 9, 2008 5:41am CST
to be honest, i liked her before.. and then, i still do like her.. despite the things that happened to her, i do like her.. cant deny it.. hehe.. but not that much..but cant deny also that news of her is around.. i used to know it.. people are talking about her. the internet, tv, radios, and the magazines (of course).. then right now, she is back.. well, she is really back.. but i do like her statement first. she thanked God.. well, i hope she is a believer now.. only God can change her.. and most of all, she is back.. what can you say about her return?.. and oh, she won three awards.. it is a good start...
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• Philippines
9 Sep 08
Christina is Back The Real Comeback Of True Artist.
• Philippines
10 Sep 08
she is good too. both of them are unique.. both has talent and have something to contribute to the society.. just some healthy competition and we are back to business...