How would u tell him/her that u have fallen out of love?

September 9, 2008 6:58am CST
That u have found someone new? That no matter how hard u try u cant bring back the love u once felt for her/him? How wud u tell him/her without hurting her? Ive been in that situation..And its really hard especially when u had spend so much time together, thinking that he will be the one meant for u then suddenly "poof", its gone..And i dont mmeant to hurt him but he deserves to know the truth..It will be more difficult if i continue myself pretending that i still love him, so i must do what i should do.. I felt guilty but I am happy..So moch for falling inlove and falling out of love..
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@tatiana07 (498)
• Philippines
9 Sep 08
there's no easy way of breaking someone's heart but in order not to hurt him more then i think the best way is to tell him straight to the point that you want out in your relationship..if he wants to know why then tell him what's inside you but don't try to comfort him coz pity is not they's hurt but time can heal and he'll get over with it..(",)
9 Sep 08
for me you should tell him right away that your relationship is not working already and that you are not in love with him.... co'z it will just hurt you more if you will stay to a relationship that is not healthy.
@riyasam (16567)
• India
9 Sep 08
i think honesty is the best may be difficult but i think that it is the right way.