I joined in home page friends yesterday. I need some help...

@bdsurf (703)
September 9, 2008 8:31am CST
It is a paid to search site. I joined there yesterday. I had no idea about paid to search before. From their FAQ it seems they will pay 1 euro for every 100 search. You wll banned if you make fraud search to earn money more. By the way without making it my default search engine I did nothing. Averagely, I make 8-10 search everyday. I want to know if anyone get paid from there. Yesterday I did 4 search and today when I visit my account I saw 4 search but account balance is zero. Anyone know, why balance is not updating? Are ther any extra rules?
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@satyakam (1112)
• India
9 Sep 08
They are giving pounds.I have earned 10.53 ,you have to make their search engine as default then search from there.Another thing they dont update in holidays ,they do it on working days and they are very perfect in it.But one thing i have been watching that they become very strict on their searching methods,because they have deducted 3 times from my earning and i search only 20 maximum in a day,so i have written to the admin complaining about their negative system.
@rainmark (4302)
10 Sep 08
For me, they don't limit my searches here, i can able to search 100-200 a day and they never deducted to my earnings.The nice thing is they are paying pounds which is more than a dollar.Today i will going to set a time for my searching to reach more than the payout. happy myloting!
9 Sep 08
I use to do one of them but lost patience because it was taking up my time and wasnt interesting at all. I think it might have not updated because you only joined yesterday, I would give it at least two days and maybe a few more searches and then if that doesnt work contact the website support team.
@jfxrsch (1041)
• China
9 Sep 08
They pay Pound, not Eur; On the right side of the page, "Add it as default search for another computer", then, you'll be all set; Search is counted within current day, money will be updated on the next day. You can switch to other searches anytime, but searches via other engine won't get paid.
@bdsurf (703)
9 Sep 08
Very good. Still now pound is valuable than euro. lol..
@curiousman (2427)
• Malaysia
9 Sep 08
I think there's a one day delay. You will be credited for your searches. Don't worry.