OC about your art materials?

September 11, 2008 10:44am CST
Hi fellow artists! Are you OC about your art materials? If yes, how OC are you? As for me, here are some situations I'm in where I really had to "defend" my materials. I always bring with me a different pen for drawing at school. I also bring some art, gel or sign pens used as liner pens (if that's what they are called). I draw a lot during breaks One time, my classmate was looking through my pencil case and when we had to write something down, she took one sign pen and was about to use it. I stopped her and told her not to use it and I gave her something else. Kind of embarassing to do that but they should understand what I'm using those pens for. Also, I'm a poor artist and some of those pens are cheap stuff so they need to be handled carefully while still new. (There's one pen that had to be handled very carefully until about half (or less than that) of the ink remains. Then it gives a good intense color after that and can be handled easier, the reason why I still buy and use it.) Aside from pens, I bring with me a 6-inch ruler with the centimeter measures as well. While reading our notes, my classmate borrowed my ruler so she can underline some important stuff from the book and her notes. But she was playing with it and it broke. Argh! Not my ruler! I know it's uber cheap but I treasure it because it's an inch-centimeter ruler!!! So she bought me a replacement ruler from the school supplies store inside the school. Guess what, they only sell inch-millimeter rulers. Just think about the math I have to go through from that point on Anyway, I did find an inch-cm ruler from some store and I'm so glad to have found it. Hooray for inch-cm rulers! :P As for pencils, I dislike it when people borrow my pencil then use the eraser. It's okay for them to borrow it but it they need to erase something, I would love to let them use my erasers but not the one on the pencil please. Weird eh? Hehehe... What's your story fellow artist? I would love to hear from you! ;)
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17 Nov 08
Yes. When I sit down to make art I intend to focus all of me on the art. Maybe throw on a little music in the background.