Ike caused the hike

@nixxi76 (3192)
September 12, 2008 6:27pm CST
Hurricane Ike really gave us Canadians an abrupt shocker this morning when we drove by some of the gas stations and seen that the prices in gas went up 13 cents overnight! The radio stations are saying that no matter what the weather is there's still oil underground so basically they are just using the hurricane as another excuse for the hike in price for gas. So now our prices have raised up from $1.28 to $1.47. What the price of gas where you are?
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@Lakota12 (42605)
• United States
13 Sep 08
OUr gas was $3.49 yesterday didnt go out today so not sure. My son where he lives sait jumped about $1.00 more than what it was yesterday thats in Tenn.
@jairgirl (2877)
• United States
13 Sep 08
hello nixxi, i live like 5 or more states away from texas but i have to say that the hurricane ike have its toll out here. we had our gas 2 days ago and it was $3.56 per gallon and i think it is $3.89+ now depends where you are buying it and there is a huge lane in every gas station all day today coz they issued a rule that you can only buy 10 gallon per fill up and that is really a bad thing coz most people in my area works outside and needs constant traveling. we are lucky that my husband works at home and we dont need to travel that much except for today where i need to meet the doctor and my hubby needs to buy something for work. i do have to agree with you that i dont understand the process of making the gas price high when oil company already bought a lot of barrels long time before hurricane and or before something happen in middle east or somewhere that they are outsourcing the oil. for me it is just taking advantage of us (oil dependents) i really hope that there will be a company who will stand and say ENOUGH and we will just support and fund the independent company who can provide such cheap service. oh well, it will take awhile. i think hurricane ike's effect will last a week or so depends on the speculator as they seem to dictate most of the pricing really. have a great weekend. good night!
• Canada
12 Sep 08
The price went from $1.23 to $1.366 today. I couldn't believe driving home from work last night seeing all the lines at gas stations. I had no idea why there were so many people lining up until I woke up this morning and heard that the price had risen so much. I filled up 2 days ago when the price dropped and I filled @$1.209 at a discount Shell station. Really glad I did. The fact that they're using the hurricane as an excuse is a ridiculous thing for them to do. It's also speculators who are driving the costs higher as well. There really needs to be something done about this, a cap should be placed on how high the prices can be raised. The oil companies are earning about $800 on each barrel in profit when they sell it so high in price at the stations. Oil is trading around $100 per barrel, shouldn't the price of gas be at around $1.00 per litre? I would think so, but we're not so lucky. It was suggested to me that people rally around the cheaper gas stations and only buy from them until the brand stations are forced to drop their prices as low as the cheaper stations. Put it this way, when I filled up the other day, all the other stations were sitting at $1.221. If we all bought the cheaper gas, we might just win the war against high prices.