Can you stay alone?

United States
September 12, 2008 9:32pm CST
I've noticed that so many people, when they break up with someone, go and find someone else right away. Even people who've been with someone for years and years. What's the longest you've been by yourself? Why can't people be alone and be happy? I'm alone alot, but I'm never lonely it seems. Do you have a hard time being alone for any length of time? Are you with someone just so you won't be alone? Do you think that just because someone is by themselves, that there's something wrong with them? What are your thoughts?
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@1hopefulman (44608)
• Canada
17 Feb 10
Since my divorce, it is about 11 years. There are many advantages to being alone. For one thing no one can break my heart because I'm keeping it to myself. About being lonely, even those living with someone are lonely. Loneliness can come and loneliness can go. When it comes I set it packing. One day I hope to meet that special one but I can wait. While waiting I'm enjoying my singleness and using to make a difference in many people's lives. I'm freeeeee!!!!!!
@indiandevil (2135)
• Canada
13 Sep 08
Actually I have been single for nearly 2 years after my last break up.