What is your favorite Julie Andrews movie?

@dodo19 (40109)
Beaconsfield, Quebec
September 14, 2008 4:42pm CST
Two Julie Andrews movie that I really enjoy are Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, which she worked on around the same time. Those two are my favorites. Mary Poppins is fun and entertaining to watch. The ending always makes me so sad. I enjoy the story of Sound of Music. I think that's what I love most about that movie, as well as the chemistry between Julie Andrew and Christopher Plummer. What is your favorite Julie Andrew movie?
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@1hopefulman (46082)
• Canada
2 Feb 12
I would definitely say The sound of Music. I could watch this movie many times and not get tired of it. Great story and she's amazing as Maria! How do you solve a problem like Maria....
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@formidexo (1351)
• Canada
24 Sep 10
The sound of music is definitely at the top. I've watched it probably a hundred times and still enjoy it every time. Julie plays the character so well and makes us all fall in love with her. And the children, what a transformation they make, victims to the power of love. A Christopher is truly superb as the Captain. And the music is so delightful! And it has some comedic moments too!
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@much2say (36232)
• United States
27 Jun 10
I just found your discussion here!! Mary Poppins is an old time favorite - and certainly she is my 5 year old daughter's favorite character! Julie Andrews was perfect for the Mary Poppins character - and I think she is quite stunning as a brunette! The film was "practically perfect in every way" - hee hee. We just came back from Mary Poppins on Ice at our local rink . . . so Mary Poppins was a hit tonight!
@annavi23 (6298)
• Philippines
27 Jun 10
hi again,much2say! well,you really must enjoyed the one you just saw,hehehe i can say you are like searching for topics related to mary poppins huh? what can i say? it's the same day of the topic i used to start,
@ersmommy1 (12596)
• United States
8 Mar 10
I liked Victor/Victoria. She and James Garner had great chemistry. Plus it takes alot of courage to take on a roll like that.
@karen1969 (1788)
17 May 10
Yes, that's a great film too and a really different role to the kind of things we expect to see her play.
@juryse (752)
• Philippines
16 Jul 10
Just one movie stands out for me and that's the Sound of Music. Such a classic film!
@Bellapop (1281)
13 Jul 10
My favourite is probably the sound of music as I think I think it really shows Julie Andrews off her best. This was also the first ever film of Julie Andrews that I saw, after that, the other films such as Mary Poppins, just didn't quite match up. The chemistry between Julie Andrews and Chris Plummer was lovely, but I also noticed the chemistry in Mary POppins too between Mary Poppins and her co-star (can't remember his name, sorry), I think people just loved working with Julie Andrews, and I also can't believe that the films were from all these years ago... :)
@ElicBxn (61149)
• United States
9 Jul 10
I think my absolute favorite is Victor Victoria, that is SO funny!
@karen1969 (1788)
17 May 10
I love her in musicals too - The Sound of Music, Thoroughly Modern Milly, Mary Poppins. I think she is at her best in those kinds of roles. My daughters now know her from the Princess Diaries films and Tooth Fairy. I think she is a talented actress and singer and a real legend!
27 Jan 10
I would say my favourite is "Mary Poppins" because it also stars Dck Van Dyk (can you believe it won't let me spell his name properly for word violation!) and although his accent is terrible between the two of them they make it all round good fun. But I also like her in "10" which starred Dudley Moore and Bo Derek, although I would say that's more for Bo Derek than just Julie Andrews performance.
• United States
12 Jan 10
My favorite is The Sound of Music. I've seen it a number of times and still enjoy it. I love the songs, some of the settings and the plot. I also enjoy the chemistry between the two. I just really admire Julie Andrews; she's a professional.
• United States
5 Jan 10
Believe it or not I have never seen Mary Poppins.I love The Sound Of Music but my favorite is Victor/ Victoria. It is half comedy have musical.It is great fun and I love the music.
@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
12 Dec 09
I thought it was the Sound of Music as I remembered loving it as a child and my mom had the album and I knew all the songs. But I watched it recently as an adult and I never realized how actually sad and depressing it was, and what it was really about and the time frame. I realized it was not the happy go lucky movie I thought it was. I liked her in My Fair Lady.
@Anne18 (11034)
28 Nov 09
Like you I like these two films very much as do my children. The only other film that I know Julie Andrews has been in is Throughly Modren Millie and I didn't think much to that film at all.
@bubblyapple (2654)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
One of my favorite movie of all time is Sound of Music too. My parents had not even met when this movie was shown! LOL. But I do appreciate the music, the simple plot and everything in the moviie. Also, Julie Andrews' presence added to its charm too. I don't like Mary Poppins that much. I think it was just another attempt to create a musical with Julie Andrews as a nanny again. So it's not a sell for me. Her other movie that I like though is Princess Diaries (the first one). Even if she was just a support in that movie, you could still feel her presence. The movie wouldn't be as good if she is not the queen in that movie.