How we here at mylot can start making ALOT of cash in Ciao!

September 18, 2008 11:55am CST
Heya, There is program called Ciao! They got thousands of product wich all is reviewable, If you write a review you will get 1$ and if someone rates it you get even more, if you are the first reviewer or the product then you get doubble as much when someone rates. To make review takes about 8 min, you must write 150 words. If all of us would join, and rate eachothers reviews we could me alot of money! Really ALOT! You can find link in my profile.
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@rainmark (4302)
18 Sep 08
I am member on that site too but i never yet get active there. I find it boring as of now. I never yet know how to start reviewing products and i don't know yet the process can you tell me further informations about that site? I really find it hard to start in it.I've seen lots of reviews are there. can you tell me how much is the payout? thanks.
@shana123 (2095)
• India
19 Sep 08
The payout is $5 only just try to make 5 reviews and get paid by it , its very simple
@mykmari_08 (2464)
• Philippines
19 Sep 08
Before I get too excited about this site you mentioned, I'd like to know some facts. One, do I have to pay an initial amount before I could register myself under you? If this is the case, I'm sorry but I couldn't proceed with being a member in Ciao! Another thing, will I have to install a unique program in the computer for it to recognize the site? I'm afraid to tell you that I couldn't possibly do this because I don't own this computer I'm using right now. In fact, I have to admit that I still don't have my own computer to surf the internet. What I'm currently using is the company's computer but my spouse and I have already decided that we would purchase our own computer set once our finances permit us or just before our three-year old daughter starts schooling. Another concern of mine is, do I have to reach a specific amount within a particular given time? I hope not. Kindly provide me with the details and I'll be checking it out in order for me to decide if I will register in Ciao under you. Thanks a lot in advance. Anyway, I've got to get going because my office job is done. I have to go home now. I'll be looking forward to your message by Monday. Ciao!
19 Sep 08
I will add you as an friend, my mate made 89$ in just a couple of days, and he reched payout, i saw it myself. It takes about 5-8 minutes to write a review. You dont have to pay anything at all, you dont have to download anything either. I will Add you as a friend and pm you. I am planning to start doin only this. As i said you have to pay nothing, and download nothing. You can also write reviews about artist, sportsmen and submit all your recipes, of you register under me i will give you all the support you need at rate all of your revies so you can make much much more. Ciao!
@3cardmonte (5098)
18 Sep 08
I am a member of ciao,and while you guys in the USA get $per review, we in the UK get about 20p!
18 Sep 08
=(, I am not from Usa, i am from sweden :D
@Holv03 (534)
• United States
18 Sep 08
I have been on Ciao for a while and you must write only 120 words to get pay not 150. I have gotten a lot of money from this site. I just did 2 review right now and I have a balance of $5.00 with a couple of cents but I requested a payment earlier that had a lot of money but by the end of the weekend I expect to request another payment of $20.00 dollars or more since its very easy to earn money on this site. I have my link on my Blog for this site and many others. If anyone wants to join just let me know and I will help you earn a lot of money from this site. It's very easy to earn money. I usually make more than $5.00 bucks in a day since that is the monthly payout but I make that over one day just making reviews on different products which is good. I would recommend this site to anyone. If anyone needs help with this site and wants to join just PM me and Ill be glad to help you out. I hope you enjoy it if you do join. They do pay and is a legit site. They pay via paypal.
18 Sep 08
Make your own tread! haha no, just joking :D