Found Money...

September 21, 2008 11:24am CST
What would you do if you found a bag of money? I heard on the radio a while ago that a driver returned $80,000 to the government. I was so shocked that someone in his right mind would return such amount of money in this crisis! To tell you the truth, If I was the one who found that money, I swear, I wouldn't return it. I got a lot of things to pay for. Many debt. School fees. and My family needs it. It's said that that money belonged to some foreign businessman. The businessman was thankful for returning the money and gave the driver a reward. I don't know how much, but that driver is too damned honest. =D But, I salute him for his honesty!!! If you found a bag of money, what would you do? PLease be honest..
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@sjvg1976 (18244)
• Delhi, India
6 Jul 12
Even i also would not have returned that bag. But honesty still is there in the world i also appreciate that person who returned the bag to its owner which he could have used for his own use.Really these sort of people are rarely found these days most of the people don't let money to lose if they find it somewhere as people have made money so important in our life that now a days they are ready to do anything for it.
@Mayuko (1271)
• United States
6 Jul 12
I could never be so dishonest. Taking money that you found doesn't belong to you and you don't deserve it no matter who the money belongs to or what situation you are in! If I found the money I think I would be tempted to take out a couple hundred dollars, but I wouldn't. I would turn in the money so it goes back to it's rightful owners.
@capirani (1840)
• United States
22 Sep 08
To use your own words, I cannot believe anyone in their right mind would not return it. We all should have a conscience and I know I would not be able to live with mine if I did not return the money to its owner. That is what being in your right mind is with your conscience and doing what is right no matter how tempting it is to do otherwise. Making the right choices, and being able to look myself in the mirror each day and go to sleep in peace at night...I definitely would return found money.