Burnt food

@Evacuee (1148)
September 23, 2008 1:58pm CST
It has been said that burnt food can in some instances, cause cancer. I love burnt toast and often eat it for breakfast. However I am not fond of any other food well done or burnt but how do you feel about burnt food?
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@Anitamo (50)
• Bahamas
23 Sep 08
I believe that these you can be having a dicussion and this statment alway comes up for some reason "____ causes cancer". I am thinking to myself, just living can cause cancer. Cancer is taking all the fun out of living. but yes I burn food some time and do end up eating it sometime , like burnt toast too. But if I at anytime found out I have cancer believe me the burnt toast isn't the first thing I am going to tell my doctor. Yes it have to be the toast!
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@stephcjh (38787)
• United States
24 Sep 08
I used to love my steak burnt a little bit. I am sure it is not good for us. I have eaten burned toast too. I ate some today. I am not sure how bad it is for us though.